I want to develop a website, but I have no idea who you are?
Navikos is a registered Ontario Corporation and we can provide the necessary credentials to verify our identity. In addition, we boast a high number of positive reviews on currently one of the world’s largest IT freelancer websites – Freelancer.com. Feel free to take a look at our profile here.

What guarantees do you provide?
Due to the nature of website development and graphic design, being in part technical and creative work, objective verification of this work is defined by the list of points agreed upon before starting a project. We always provide an outline and work agreement prior to commencing any work. We urge our clients to define their requirements in detail from the start so as to avoid any miscommunication in the future.

Do you require an upfront deposit?
Yes, a deposit is a mandatory policy we have implemented. Without an initial deposit of 15% off the agreed upon project sum, we cannot proceed and reserve the right to cancel any agreement made either verbally or in written form. A project is only officially commenced and subject to the outlined terms once the deposit has been provided by our client.

Do you issue refunds?
Usually yes. Although Navikos strives to provide the best possible services for our clients, disagreements may arise and personal problems can get in the way. We understand that. Our refund policy is simple – if no substantial visible effort has been invested into the project by Navikos, we will issue a refund of the initial deposit or 7 days after initial project commencement should the need arise to cancel the project. If a substantial effort has been invested, Navikos cannot issue a refund of the deposit. Usually, a project is divided into stages, with payment outlined once a particular stage has been completed. If work progresses and payment is issued for a particular stage, neither the initial deposit nor the payment for that stage shall be liable to refund as upon release of payment, the client has approved all the work done up until then. Should the client wish to cancel after certain stages have been completed, Navikos shall not be liable to compensate the client for any losses they incur upon cancellation.

Can you meet me in person to discuss a project?
An initial meeting can be arranged anywhere in the GTA area. However, due to the time-intensive nature of our services, we cannot always meet in person regularly. If more than two meetings are required during the duration of the project, any subsequent meetings will be charged at our base rate of $50 per hour.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments through PayPal, Square or certified cheques and/or cash.